“What good fortune we had to do semi-private classes with Ann in Bali in February, 2020!  My back issues and my daughter’s foot rehabilitation were thoroughly addressed by Ann. She helped us so much by modifying poses with creative use of props. We’re inspired to practice the partner stretches she showed us at home! The yoga was excellent and culturally, her enthusiasm for the true spirit of Bali and the Balinese people (especially those who know her as ‘Bibi’), made our experience more authentic and fun! She also recommended some of the best restaurants in both Sanur and Ubud, Thank you, Ann!”

Lillian Hudnall and Sharon Hudnall Gorman

February, 2020, Washington, DC.

“My husband and I had a great time in Ubud, Bali where we took yoga classes with Ann. Ann is a very skilled Iyengar yoga teacher which we both enjoyed during our stay in Kebun Indah (Beautiful Gardens).”

Mette Merlin Husted

February 2018, Denmark, Europe

“This is a trip of a Lifetime …Do it! You won’t regret it! Thank you Ann!”

Joanne Noce,

February, 2017, Capitola, CA.

“Ann is such a fantastic teacher. I feel like I gained a real in-depth understanding of alignment in each asana, and through her, an understanding of the Balinese culture…I love Bali!”

Laura Brattan

February, 2017, Santa Cruz, CA.

“What a fabulous trip! I still have the Bali glow! Anyone considering this trip, I highly recommend it! Thanks, Ann!”

Kathryn Gestri

February, 2015, Santa Cruz, CA

“Ann’s program is amazingly well structured. It allows you to get into the practice progressively and also into Bali too… You get to know the beach part of Bali as well as the inland part, getting the chance to know many different important places and Temples which make the trip enchanting. The practice was outstanding and extremely professional in the way Ann led it and corrected each of us. The places we stayed at, were absolutely great, as well as the personnel and the breakfasts! Ann has developed a very polished and perfected product!”

Max De La Rosa Toro

July, 2014, Peru

“Ann is simply a yoga inspiration. Her precise knowledge of the Iyengar style is incredible. Her charm, humor and wit make the program very enjoyable…I am very thankful for this amazing opportunity and looking forward to sharing my experience with my students!”

Amy Zambrano

July, 2013, Long Beach NJ

“I liked the yoga classes better than any I have ever taken. I love how Ann explains each pose – how it benefits the body and what parts of our physiology are involved. Ann is very patient in working with students exactly where they are at.”

Kathleen Whelan

July, 2013, Brighton, MA.

“I have been studying yoga for over 10 years and I have never met a yoga instructor as good as Ann. In her 2-week Bali retreat, through her yoga training, I was able to significantly improve a hip issue that doctors could not. Ann is amazing as a yoga instructor and as a person! Loved her!”

Camille Barber

July, 2013, LA, CA.

“Twelve days of practicing Ann’s restorative yoga returned hope, strength, and flexibility to my body that had been traumatized. I’m happy to say that at 50 something, I’ve attempted postures I never believed I could do when I was 30! She encourages and she respects each individual’s range of growth. Her enthusiasm for Bali, her knowledge of this beautiful culture and island deepen the experience. This practice is one I’m bringing home to continue.”

Catharine Mains

July, 2012, NT, Canada

“I love Bali! Ann’s tour is so well planned and balanced, and I felt so safe and taken care of. I was able to relax into the embrace of Bali.”

Suzanne Chonette

July, 2012, Santa Cruz, CA

“Ann’s Yoga In Bali is an exceptional way to experience Bali. Ann’s experience and love of Bali and its people adds respect and appreciation to her tours. The yoga is rigorous, yet doable- no matter your level. I loved this trip, and will do it again!”

Felicia Sobonya

July, 2012, Nevada City, CA

“I feel as though my body, mind and heart grew 20 years younger! Thank you, Ann, for your spirit, warmth, energy, and mostly for Yoga In Bali! Ann Barros is an amazing yoga teacher. I recommend Yoga In Bali with Ann to anyone who wants a real yoga experience and a Bali vacation. Pure Paradise! Namaste!”

Abla Christiansen

July, 2011, Walnut Creek, CA

“You won’t be disappointed. Ann knows Bali in and out and she will share every detail with you. Just relax and enjoy.”

May Lim

July, 2011, Singapore

“Yoga In Bali was the perfect mix of yoga, culture and sight-seeing. I am not advanced in yoga and had never tried Iyengar yoga before, but after two weeks I noticed a tremendous improvement in my flexibility and strength. Ann works miracles with all levels and manages to make it fun.”

Kay Urmanski

July, 2011, Bermuda Dunes, CA

“Ann is a brilliant and experienced teacher. She assisted me on my continual yoga journey by taking my practice to new dimensions.”

Christina Song

February, 2010, Singapore.

“Having never left the country, this was a wonderful way to do it. It’s hard to imagine how things would have been without Ann’s expertise regarding both Bali and yoga.”

Randi Suskin

February, 2009, Princeton, NJ

“Ann has put together the most perfect yoga vacation in the beautiful and magical setting of Bali. The combination of her expertise in yoga along with her thorough knowledge of the Balinese culture made this one of the most enjoyable learning experiences and one that I will cherish for the rest of my life! I hope to do it all over again soon!”


Pamela Forman

November, 2008, Providence, RI.

“Very few teachers have the gift of clarity Ann Barros exudes. And in her case it comes crowned with decades of experience in the Art of Yoga. Ann’s approach to yoga and its teaching have left an imprint on every aspect of me that I want to develop in my own practice and future teaching. Bali is indeed an island of beauty where the seed of Yoga can manifest in you, but it takes somebody like Ann to create a joyful and respectful cultural environment where it can flourish.”


Gabriel Nunes

November, 2008, Brazil

“Just what I was hoping for, only better! A perfect blend of detailed and challenging classes with a wonderful introduction to the culture and language of Bali…I can’t praise Ann highly enough!”


Tina Pritchard

February, 2007, PA

“Impeccable service, sights, teaching, beauty and people. I recommend this tour for people who believe they are ready to be treated like Gods or Goddesses. Ann delivers the royal treatment to all.”


Veronica Raya

July, 2003, Moraga, CA